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Though it recently was given a name, the idea of food tourism has been around for quite some time. Everyone knows if you want a beignet, you go to New Orleans. Want some great barbecue? Try Kansas City. Or, how about fresh seafood? Go no further than Seattle. “Will travel for food” has been the slogan of many travelers over the years and continues to be a driving force for many grub-seeking gourmands.

So, What’s a Food Tour, Anyway?

Depending on how deeply you’re willing to look, every community has a specialty, sometimes well known to the public and sometimes hidden from everyone but the locals. Tourists resort to online review sites in order to find the choicest places to chow down, but referrals from a local or friend will always be your best bet. That’s because these people can help you determine which restaurants or attractions are really something special, which ones are worth your limited time, and which ones will inevitably create amazing memories.

We’re that local friend.

We’re the ones who make it our ambition to show you around our town, take you to places you’ve never heard of, and introduce you to foods that are exclusive to Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. We do all of this through what we call a food tour.


So, what is a food tour, you ask?

So, What’s a Food Tour, Anyway?

Food tours are an innovative way to explore a city, even if it’s your own, through the lens of its culinary offerings. It’s also a quick and easy way to sip and savor generous samples at five restaurants in only three hours, giving you an array of local flavors. You can even upgrade your ticket to include alcohol pairings such as Colorado craft beer. And trust us, you won’t leave hungry!


So, What’s a Food Tour, Anyway?

Food tours are also a way to promote small business owners and entrepreneurs in our community as well as showcase our treasured historic districts. Not only do you get to eat and drink your way through a neighborhood, but you also get to learn how it started and what it took to get where it is today.

Are food tours exclusive to Colorado Springs? Absolutely not! There are lots of food tours popping up all over the United States and around the world (read about Samantha’s food tour in Barcelona, Spain). Some are brand new, and others, like us, have been around for six or more years.


Who takes food tours?

So, What’s a Food Tour, Anyway?

While food tours are a creative and smart addition to any vacation, they are designed for locals as well. New to the area? Take a food tour! Need a creative date idea? Have out-of-town company? Bachelorette party? We invite you to take a tour with us and see your town in a completely new light. (Also, a food tour gift certificate is perfect for someone who has it all!)

Currently, we are offering tours of Downtown Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.

We hope to have you join us on a food tour soon – a sightseeing experience that will leave you fully satisfied!



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