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Are you the owner or manager of a restaurant, brewery, pub, bakery, or food speciality shop within walking distance to the central business district of Downtown Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, or Old Colorado City? If so, we’d love to connect!

Who’s already being featured?

View current destinations by poking around on our interactive map. You can also check out individual tour pages to see specific itineraries and even sample menus.


Being a featured destination on our food tours affords you the following benefits:

  • Increased traffic to your establishment.
  • The opportunity to personally sell your story and food to both a local and visiting audience.
  • Repeat customers – over 50% of all tour guests return to at least one culinary destination within three months of the tour.
  • Increased revenues through food and drink sales.
  • Additional marketing exposure.
  • Opportunity for online reviews.

Let’s get to work!

Have we peaked your interest? Contact us to hear how it works behind the scenes and what openings we have for new culinary destinations.

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  • Delicious Downtown Food Tour

    Dine and dash at five destinations in the heart of historic downtown Colorado Springs on our famous flagship tour.

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  • Care and Share Benefit Tour

    Care and Share Benefit Tour

    100% of proceeds will go to Care and Share Food Bank! Please join us in our community's fight against hunger.

    Tour Coming Soon!

  • Manitou Springs Dinner Tour

    Manitou Springs Dinner Tour

    This evening tour in eclectic Manitou Springs is a whirlwind of flavors from five destinations, fascinating history, and natural mineral springs.

    Tour Coming Soon!

  • The Springs Brew Tour

    The Springs Brew Tour

    Tour coming soon!

    Tour Coming Soon!