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Rocky Mountain Food Tours

We got off the beaten path with Incloodie Food Tours in Dallas, Texas!

Our food tour in Dallas included tastings at four unique locations that represented the colorful local culture and cuisine.

Incloodie Food Tours in Dallas Texas 1
Incloodie Food Tours in Dallas Texas | Bottom Photo: Alexa (left), Samantha (middle), and Ana (right)

As a female entrepreneur, I (Samantha) love the opportunity to support other female entrepreneurs, especially within the food tour industry. Lauren Williams just opened Incloodie Food Tours in Dallas, Texas in September 2023. She named her company “Incloodie,” a play on the words “include” and “foodie” since she has often felt left out due to her dietary restrictions. It’s her mission to create a food tour experience where dietary restrictions, particularly gluten-free, are welcome!

I took two fun-loving girlfriends with me – Ana, who lives outside of Dallas, and Alexa, who was visiting from Bozeman. Our tour occurred over the lunch hour in a part of town known as “Little Mexico.” It was definitely a bit off the beaten path and not in downtown Dallas, but we were excited to explore and get to know the local hangouts.


Stop 1: Charco Broiler

Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 2
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | Charcol Broiler

A food tour in Texas would not be complete without some good ‘ol meat and potatoes! At Charco Broiler, we each received a healthy portion of charbroiled steak alongside a salad and full-size baked potato. Definitely a hearty start to our tour!

With “Sonny the Steer” standing proudly atop the roof, Charco Broiler has been a neighborhood landmark since 2002, while the restaurant has been a favorite since 1963!


Surprise Tasting: Christmas Fruit Punch

Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 2
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | Homemade Christmas Fruit Punch

Lauren surprised us by bringing a homemade Mexican holiday punch called Ponche Navideño. It’s made using water, fresh and dried fruits like tamarind, prunes, hibiscus, and tejocotes (a crab apple-like fruit that has a sweet and sour taste, reminiscent of plum and apricot) and sweetened with Piloncillo (unrefined whole cane sugar). She topped it with a fruit garnish and cinnamon stick. To make the whole experience even more delightful, she served the punch in handmade earthenware.

The punch was non-alcoholic, but Lauren came prepared with a bottle of Oaxacan Mezcal and slices of orange sprinkled with Tajin seasoning to get the party started.


Stop 2: Morazan Bakery & Restaurant

Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 4
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | Morazan Bakery & Restaurant

Our next stop was in a Salvadoran bakery and restaurant owned by a small family. Outside of their wide array of baked goods, their speciality is their pupusas, which are basically cornmeal pancakes. The one we tried came stuffed with loroco and cheese and had a cabbage salad on the side. We found out that loroco is actually an unopened flower bud and tastes like a cross between squash and broccoli. Something I’d never had before!


Stop 3: Xamán Café

Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 5
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | Xamán Café

This was probably my favorite stop! Xamán Café has won local awards and is a hip and cozy Mexican cafe. We tried the Marranitos, which were pan dulce (gingerbread cookies) in the shape of little pigs, and Oaxacan hot chocolate. And yet again, Lauren wowed us with the beverage vessel, this time a calabash! It was a dried gourd that was lightweight and was so fun to drink from.


Stop 4: !Trompo¡

Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 6
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | !Trompo¡

All good things come to an end, and in our case, that end was at !Trompo¡ taco restaurant. Lauren ordered us the namesake Trompo taco made with pork, white onion, cilantro, lime, and salsa verde. The salsa verde, or green salsa, gave a little kick and was tomatillo-based. Trompo tacos are actually a style of taco referring to the meat preparation, which is done on a spit like lamb shawarma.


Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas 7
Incloodie Food Tour in Dallas Texas | Our group in front of an Art Mural 

Along our gastronomic journey, Lauren also pointed some cool murals and even the theater that Lee Harvey Oswald fled to after assassinating JFK. She did a great job, and we’re excited to see her business grow. Go visit Incloodie Food Tours the next time you’re in the Dallas area!

Cheers, Samantha at Rocky Mountain Food Tours

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)



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