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Hard Cider in Colorado is a growing industry, and we’ve put together a list of the top 12 cideries!

In the past few years, cideries have popped up all over the state of Colorado in celebration of a different fermented fruit: apples. Where can you go to experience this gluten-free libation with crisp taste and golden color? While the Front Range is home to some well-known cider houses, you will be enthralled by how much the region can offer collectively.

Here are the top 12 cideries where you can sip and swig right here in Colorado (listed in alphabetical order):


1. Big B’s Hard Cider

Hotchkiss, CO

Big B's Hard Cider | Hotchkiss, CO | Photo Courtesy of Big B's Fruit Company
Big B’s Hard Cider | Hotchkiss, CO | Photo Courtesy of Big B’s Fruit Company

Using fruit harvested from their own orchard planted more than 60 years ago, Big B’s Fruit Company has won award after award for their handcrafted hard cider. Their mission is to support sustainable agriculture while having a positive impact on their community. Not only does their orchard produce delicious fruits like cherries, pears, peaches, plums, and nectarines, they also use their own apples to make several flavors of hard cider. With cheeky names like “One Night Fruit Stand” and “Awesome Sauce,” their cider lacks nothing in personality or flavor!


2. Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse

Colorado Springs, CO

Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse | Colorado Springs, CO | Photo Courtesy of Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse
Boxing Brothers Hard Cider | Colorado Springs, CO | Photo Courtesy of Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse

Located in Colorado Springs, our hometown, Boxing Brothers Ciderhouse prides themselves on their community focus, passion for undiscovered ingredients, and quest for perfection in crafting a well-balanced cider. Their apples are sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and their recipes have been passed down for generations. Taking no shortcuts, their cider is aged for months on champagne yeast. While many local restaurants carry their product, you can also visit their tasting room on the east side of Colorado Springs.



3. 13˚ Brix Cider Bistro

Palisade, CO

13 Brix Forbidden Cider | Palisade, CO | Photo Courtesy of 13 Brix Cider Bistro
13˚ Brix Forbidden Cider | Palisade, CO | Photo Courtesy of 13˚ Brix Cider Bistro

Palisade, Colorado is no stranger to fermented fruits. But in this case, it’s apples, not grapes! 13˚ Brix Cider Bistro is both a tap house and European-style cafe, offering delectable bites for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Taking their knowledge of winemaking, plus a Master’s degree in fermentation science and a trip to Normandy, they’ve perfected their cider recipe. Never sacrificing the flavor of the actual fruit, their hard cider is not overly sweet and is sometimes spiced, oaked, or flavored.


4. Clear Fork Cider

Wheat Ridge, CO

Clear Fork Ciders | Wheat Ridge, CO | Photo Courtesy of Clear Fork Cider
Clear Fork Ciders | Wheat Ridge, CO | Photo Courtesy of Clear Fork Cider

Clear Fork Cider has a different philosophy: small batches and no short cuts! Sourcing their heirloom apples straight from local farmers here in Colorado, their hard cider is pure dry flavor with no added sweetness. Every cider takes five to eight months to make, but they are worth the wait. Swing into their cozy tasting room for a sip!


5. Climb Hard Cider Co.

Loveland, CO

Climb Hard Cider Co. | Loveland Colorado | Photo Courtesy of Climb Hard Cider Co.
Climb Hard Cider Co. | Loveland Colorado | Photo Courtesy of Climb Hard Cider Co.

A love for the outdoors and an appreciation for locally-made products were the catalysts for the creation of Climb Hard Cider Co., located in Loveland, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Their apples are handpicked from the nutrient-rich soil in Washington State, giving their cider a well-balanced flavor. While they have seasonal flavors, their staples include peach, blood orange, elderflower, grapefruit ginger, piña colada, and of course apple.


6. Colorado Cider Company

Denver, Colorado

Pome Mel and Blackberry Cider | Denver, Co | Photo Courtesy of Colorado Cider Company
Pome Mel and Blackberry Cider | Denver, Co | Photo Courtesy of Colorado Cider Company

A popular cider destination, the Colorado Cider Company has been on the scene since 2011. This cidery has 16 ciders on tap each with a distinctive taste and target crowd. The Glider Cider, however, is their flagship cider. It features slightly sweet apple flavors with a hint of tartness. The cider finishes much dryer than most commercial ciders. We also recommend the Pome Mel Cider, the first in their botanical series, which features notes of lavender, rosemary, and honey.


7. Fenceline Cider

Mancos, Colorado

Fenceline Cider | Mancos, CO | Photo Courtesy of Fenceline Cider
Fenceline Cider | Mancos, CO | Photo Courtesy of Fenceline Cider

Fenceline Cider is named in honor of the apple trees growing along the fence line, unknowingly planted by apple-hungry birds. They use “wild” and “historic” apples, which though rich in tannins and acidity, would otherwise go to waste. They are located at the base of La Plata Mountains and benefit from the Colorado River watershed, which is a valuable part of their dedication long-term environmental sustainability. Visit their tasting room, listen to music, and order food from one of the local food trucks!


8. Haykin Family Cider

Aurora, Colorado

Haykind Family Cider | Denver, CO | Photo Courtesy of Haykin Family Cider
Haykin Family Cider Tasting Room | Aurora, CO | Photo Courtesy of Haykin Family Cider

Haykin Family Cider launched in February 2018 and features crisp ciders ranging from semi-dry to semi-sweet styles. Their ciders also have a higher carbonation than usual commercial ciders on the market and have been likened to sparkling wine. On tap, try the “Newtown Pippin,” Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple, which is semi-dry and has notes of lime zest, green apple, the lemon. Located near Stapleton, Fitzsimons, and Stanley Marketplace, their tasting room is the perfect place for date night or after dinner drinks.


9. Stem Ciders

Denver, Colorado

Flockstar Stem Cider | Denver, Co | Photo Courtesy of Stem Ciders
Flockstar Stem Cider | Denver, Co | Photo Courtesy of Stem Ciders

When opening Stem Ciders founding duo of Eric Foster and Phil Kao had a vision of reinventing Colorado’s hard cider industry. Today, the cidery features some of the most sought-after flavors. Top of the list is the Hibiscus session apple cider infused with hibiscus tea. The Hibiscus Session comes in at 4.3% ABV and can be perfectly paired with summer salads, tacos, and lawn games.

A Salted Cucumber Apple Cider is also a local favorite. This gluten-free cider is dry hopped with Citra hops and finished with sea salt and fresh cucumber. It’s best paired with burgers, brunch, cobbler, and pastrami.


10. St. Vrain Cidery

Longmont, Colorado

St. Vrain Cider Flight | Longmont, CO | Photo Courtesy of St. Vrain Cidery
St. Vrain Cider Flight | Longmont, CO | Photo Courtesy of St. Vrain Cidery

Pouring 36 taps of hard cider, St. Vrain Cidery can be described as a rising tide in the industry. The Longmont cidery stands out with its unique fruit and spice blends such as Dry Ginger and Dry Chokeberry. The fruit in Dry Chokeberry is famed for its extra tartness and tannins affording it an extra dry finish, perfect for a Saturday afternoon hangout. Dry Ginger, however, is the highlight of the menu here, with the spice coming across with some fruity notes rather than the usual spicy burn.


11. Talbott’s Cider Co.

Palisade, Colorado

Talbott's Cider Truck | Palisade, CO | Talbott's Cider Co.
Talbott’s Cider Truck | Palisade, CO | Talbott’s Cider Co.

Truly a family operation, Talbott’s Cider Co. has been harvesting fresh fruit from their orchards in Palisade, Colorado since 1907. Six generations have tended to the land, and today they are dedicated to producing the best hard cider in the state. Want to experience their flavors in monthly shipments? Sign up for their Cider Club and have it sent directly to your house!


12. Wild Cider

Firestone, Colorado

Pizza and Cider | Firestone, CO | Photo Courtesy of Wild Cider
Pizza and Cider | Firestone, CO | Photo Courtesy of Wild Cider

A makeshift pizza oven and rustic picnic tables greet you when entering Wild Cider in Firestone, Colorado, a small town about 45 minutes north of Denver. This laid-back approach is ever so inviting to revelers, and it’s entirely normal to find the place filled especially on weekends. The cider here tastes quite different from other ciders. The first impression you get is the tart and crisp flavor of fresh apples. After a few mouthfuls, you will notice that the taste balances perfectly, slightly sweet but also dry.



The above list is by no means exhaustive, but it affords you a clear glimpse of Colorado’s prowess in the cider industry. There are a whole variety of flavors and sweetness levels to choose from.

At Rocky Mountain Food Tours, we are the first and only food tour operation in Colorado Springs. Over the years we have shared beautiful moments with local foodies and booze lovers, literally helping them get a taste of Colorado. Book a food tour with us today and let’s indulge in our region’s finest sips and bites.

Cheers, Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)



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