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After competing on Food Network’s Chopped, Chef Brother Luck hosted a wine dinner featuring ingredients he was challenged to use during the competition

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

It’s no secret that we’re addicted to Food Network (just check out this blog post). So, it probably comes as no surprise that we snagged two coveted seats at the recent “Beast Feast.” We’ve been to plenty of wine dinners, and it’s safe to say this one wasn’t ordinary.

We enjoyed a tasty six-course meal prepared by Chef Brother Luck, owner of Brother Luck Street Eats, paired with wine by Broadmoor Wine & Spirits.

But even more exciting, we got to witness the world premier of Chef Luck’s appearance on Chopped. Not only were we in the company of Chef Luck himself, but we also ate dishes that featured ingredients he was challenged to use during the competition.

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

During this time, we learned a lot more about Chef Luck’s journey. Food saved his life. Being a chef is his calling, so when he was invited to participate in the famed reality TV show, he heartily accepted.

He didn’t realize the obstacles that would stand in his way.

While being plagued by a wretched toothache and working a long day with Guy Fieri in San Francisco the day before, he nearly missed his flight to New York where the studio is located. When he finally made it to the Big Apple, unfortunately his baggage and knives, which he needed to compete, did not.

An expensive trip to Macy’s and a late-night call to a chef’s association saved the day, and he showed up to the studio bleary eyed yet determined at 5:00 am.

We won’t ruin the ending for you, so please take some time to watch it! In the meantime, eat your heart out on this delectable menu we enjoyed during our “Beast Feast.”


“Open Your Baskets”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Chicken Liver

Wine Pairing: Mas Fi Cava Brut, Spain

A mature version of a PB&J! A liver mousse crostini topped with lemon preserve, mustard seeds, and Marcona almonds.


“Round 1”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Chicken Breast and Kale

Wine Pairing: Condes De Albarei Albarino, Spain 2014

A hearty appetizer course to get your taste buds stirring! Manchego stuffed chicken breast, roasted red pepper and apricot coulis, and paprika braised kale.


“Round 2”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Goat, Curry, and Cashews

Wine Pairing: Trimbach Riesling, France 2013

An Asian-flavored inspired rice bowl. Slowly cooked curry goat with toasted cashew bamboo steamed rice bathed in a broth of allspice, berries, ghost chili, ginger, and lemongrass. Served with a small salad of julienned leeks and carrots.


“Round 3”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Butternut Squash

Wine Pairing: Decero Malbec, Argentina 2014

A warm autumn dish of butternut squash ravioli stuffed with Colorado chevre and brown butter sage powder. Served with arugula, pickled onions and fennel.


“Round 4”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Pork Loin and Figs

Wine Pairing: Martin Ray Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2014

Pork loin braised in maple, cloves, and cinnamon served with caramelized figs, cipollini onions, and a potato puree.


“Round 5”

Chef Reenacts 'Beast Feast' Chopped Episode

Mystery Ingredient Used: Pecan Pie and Bacon Jam

Wine Pairing: Blandys 10 Year Malmsey Madeira

A semi-sweet dessert to cap off the evening. Chocolate pecan pie filled spring rolls topped with charred bacon jam, caramelized pineapple chutney, and lemon verbena ice cream.


After dinner, Chef Luck did reveal a new secret for the first time publicly…his restaurant, Brother Luck Street Eats, will be moving to downtown Colorado Springs spring 2017! They will be exchanging their Old Colorado City locale for a prime spot on Tejon Street between Platte and Boulder.

We are proud of you, Chef Luck, and we can’t wait to see more from you in the future!

Cheers, Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)


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