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Looking for creative date ideas in Colorado Springs? We’ve put together a list of date ideas for eight types of couples — from The Adventure Junkies to The Art Aficionados.

No two couples are made the same! For some, an ideal date might include climbing a mountain while others might prefer getting lost in a bookstore. Regardless of what kind of couple you are, Colorado Springs is full of incredible and unique date activities!

Scroll through our list of unique Colorado Springs date ideas for every type of couple including:

  1. The Adventure Junkies
  2. The Exercise Enthusiasts
  3. The Bookworms
  4. The Beer Snobs
  5. The Hipsters
  6. The Nature Lovers
  7. The Art Aficionados
  8. The Foodies

1. The Adventure Junkies

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of Colorado Springs Trails and Hiking

What’s more romantic than placing your life in someone else’s hands? Rope in and climb epic heights with your date at Red Rock Canyon Open Space and admire the views from the top of the iconic sandstone monoliths.

Photo Courtesy of The Ute & Yeti

If the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor climbing, check out CityROCK, Colorado Spring’s most popular climbing gym where you can climb with fellow Colorado Springs’ climbers and try routes of all levels of difficulty. Afterwards, grab a bite to eat with your boo at The Ute & Yeti, the on-site restaurant serving delicious food from around the world from spicy ramen to the wild mushroom ravioli.

If you have a little extra time after dinner, pop into the new Mountain Chalet location (right next door) and explore their incredible selection of outdoor clothing and equipment.


2. The Exercise Enthusiasts

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of Ola Juice Bar

Is it love or the altitude? Sitting at well beyond a mile above sea level, Colorado Springs attracts fitness lovers from around the world. Take your date on a sunrise hike up the Manitou Incline. This trail is really just one big staircase that goes one mile upwards, totalling 2,744 steps — so it’s not for the faint of heart. In fact, the trail attracts some of the nation’s most intense athletes, from Marines to Olympians.

No matter your level of fitness, you and bae will work up an appetite, so check out Ola Juice Bar for a refreshing and healthy post-workout juice, smoothie, or nutrient rich bowl.


3. The Bookworms

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of Poor Richard’s

If you and your special someone bond over good books or met in English Lit class, then this ones for you. Start your date by heading to Poor Richard’s, one of Colorado Springs’ favorite local shops. Grab a bite to eat in the cafe, browse through their carefully curated gift store, and of course, explore their many new and used books. If you’re looking for something specific, they likely have it. You might even grab a book or two to remember your date by!

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of STIR Coffee & Cocktails

After Poor Richard’s, turn the page in your relationship by heading just north to STIR Coffee & Cocktails. On top of serving some of the most delicious sandwiches in the city, they also happen to offer all literary-themed cocktails — we suggest ordering a Tequila Mockingbird or A Plum Grows in Prosecco.


4. The Beer Snobs

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of Pikes Peak Brewing Co.

Love is brewing in Colorado Springs! If you and your date love a good beer, you’re in the right place! Colorado Springs is home to dozens of breweries and cider houses. Plan the perfect date by customizing a personal brewery tour for you and your special someone.

There’s a lot to choose from, so here are some of our top choices — all of which have great food and drink options!


5. The Hipsters

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of Shuga’s

If you and your date are all about artisan coffee, independent movies, and hip cafes, we hate to break it to you, but you’re probably a “hipster.” And if you are, Downtown Colorado Springs is the perfect place for you. There are a lot of cool date spots around Colorado Springs, but some — like Kimball’s Peak Three Theatre and Shuga’s — have been around before anyone else knew Colorado Springs was cool.

Start your date with dinner at Shuga’s, a charming and dimly lit cafe that feels like it should be nestled in a Parisian side street. Their menu is filled with unique globally inspired cuisine — we recommend starting with a mix and match bruschetta plate and rounding out with the spicy Brazilian coconut shrimp soup. After dinner, head to Kimball’s Peak Three Theater, a small movie theater located right downtown, showing independent films in intimate theater settings. Grab a glass of wine or beer from the bar and enjoy the latest Wes Anderson film.

Photo Courtesy of Loyal Coffee | Facebook

If you’re looking for a morning date idea, grab a cup of coffee from one of Colorado Springs’ many artisan coffee shops. Loyal Coffee is a coffee shop started by a collection of baristas from various shops in Colorado Springs. The group came together to make one of the most aesthetically pleasing atmospheres we’ve ever seen, and their coffee surely fits the bill, too.


6. The Nature Lovers

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples
Photo Courtesy of SunWater Spa

For couples looking to relax and enjoy nature together, this date option is for you! Colorado Springs has some of the best hikes and scenic walking routes. Some of our favorites include:

End the day at the SunWater Spa, located just 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs in the neighboring town of Manitou Springs. Soak in soothing mineral waters as you take in the views of one of Colorado’s most idyllic mountain towns.


7. The Art Aficionados

Photo Courtesy of The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center | Artist: Nellie Knopf

Colorado Springs is the perfect place for two art aficionados to fall in love and explore together. For anyone planning a date centered around viewing art, your first stop should be The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center. The 132,286 square-foot museum includes works by O’Keeffe and Chihuly, alongside other ever-changing exhibits that will keep you coming back.

There are also many local Colorado Springs art galleries that we recommend checking out if you have time. Our favorites include…

Photo Courtesy of Board & Brush Creative Studio

If you are in the market for making art, head to one of Colorado Springs’ paint and sip options. Grab a glass of wine and receive step-by-step painting instructions in a small class setting. You’ll even get to take your work of art home at the end of the evening, so you can remember your date for years to come!

Here are the top paint and sip options in Colorado Springs:


8. The Foodies

Amazing Date Ideas in Colorado Springs for 8 Different Types of Couples

Are you and your significant other always looking for new restaurants and cafes to try? For your next date, sign up for Colorado Springs’ most comprehensive foodie experience!

Rocky Mountain Food Tours (Yep! That’s us!) offers stress-free gourmet tasting tours, featuring some of the best local restaurants in Downtown Colorado Springs. In just a few hours, you’ll experience up to five culinary destinations with the help of a local food expert. Try new dishes, chat with the chef, and learn about Colorado Springs’ unique history! Check out our various tours here!

From adventurers to bookworms, Colorado Springs has something for every kind of couple!

Cheers, Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)



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