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If there’s one thing we love more than good food, it’s good art and these Colorado artists are blessing our local establishments with amazing murals you can’t miss!

There’s no question about it, Colorado Springs is chock-full of incredible places to eat and drink! What you might not know is that it’s also filled with artists and creators, some of whom have made it their mission to beautify our city through public art and murals. They make the walls of these restaurants just as beautiful as the food on the plates.

Check out our pick of the top 10 spots in Colorado Springs to enjoy art while you dine in!


1. Ivywild School

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals

Ivywild School is an “historical school turned marketplace and brewery,” and it has quickly and easily become a local favorite here in Colorado Springs. The estately school building is straight out of “Boy Meets World,” and while there certainly aren’t kiddos running through the halls all day, the conversion maintained much of the school’s original character and charm to include the large murals and custom tiling that cover many of the school’s walls.

The artist responsible is Marilyn Eggleston, a former Ivywild School teacher, as well as the many students who helped her paint throughout the years. For the hundreds of daily patrons, these murals serve as a continual reminder of the school’s deep history and past. Next time you’re sipping on cocktails and downing a plate of curry fries, be sure to explore the many amazing murals Ivywild School has to offer!


2. Streetcar520

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals
Photo Courtesy of Streetcar520

Streetcar520 is a sleek and sophisticated bar and restaurant that serves internationally inspired cuisine. The owner, Ari Howard, wanted to create an environment that felt more true to her — colorful, bold, and feminine — and last year’s renovations accomplished just that. Howard worked with artist Michael Ortiz, who painted colorful murals of “warrior goddesses” that brighten up the space and make visiting the restaurant like a trip to a modern art museum.


3. Rooster’s House of Ramen

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals

Rooster’s House of Ramen is Colorado Springs’ first dedicated ramen shop and promises “the finest bowls of ramen handcrafted with the freshest regionally sourced ingredients.” Surprisingly, they’re also the first restaurant to have a large rooster graffitied on their wall. Rooster’s House of Ramen is arguably one of the best places to enjoy unique food while taking in art that’s equally as funky. The large and colorful rooster is the work of local artist Steven “Sole Junkie” Cedre, who describes his style as “urban landscape with an emphasis on pop culture.” His headphone wearing rooster is creatively made up of geometric shapes, ramen ingredients, and just about every shade of every color you can imagine.

Want to go see for yourself? Rooster’s House of Ramen is one of several stops on our Original Colorado Springs Food Tour!


4. Piglatin Cocina

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals
Photo Courtesy of Piglatin Cocina | Photo Credit: Pollinate Marketing

Nestled in an unassuming shopping center off Dublin Rd. and North Union Blvd., Piglatin Cocina is bringing urban vibes and spicy margaritas to Colorado Springs’ north end. The latin inspired restaurant was birthed on the road — or in a food truck to be exact — and became a brick and mortar in 2017. People flock from all parts of the city for their island tacos, risotto balls, delicious cocktails, and more. What’s truly unique about Piglatin is its environment — a perfect combination of textures from the tropics and urban architecture and art. As you walk in your eyes will be drawn to large murals by Isaac “Focus” Cisneros. The colorful street art perfectly complements the restaurant’s hip-hop music and zesty food.


5. Poor Richard’s

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals
Photo Courtesy of Poor Richard’s

Poor Richard’s, located in Downtown Colorado Springs, has something for everyone. You might come for pizza, but you’ll likely leave with a stack of used books and a hilarious greeting card. Earlier this year, Poor Richard’s held a mural contest and had over 35 entries from various artists. They ultimately went with artist Jillian Lund and her piece that included everything that is Poor Richard’s — “Pizza, salad, toys, wine, music, books, etc.” 

The restaurant has other pieces of art to be enjoyed on the outside of the building. Poor Richard’s commissioned artist Douglas Rouse to paint two large murals that can be seen from the street. One is filled with history’s many banned books and the other shows young onlookers from the past marveling at the store’s exciting inventory. 

Poor Richards is also one of the stops of our Original Colorado Springs Food Tour!


6. The Exchange

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals

You might know this one as “The Coffee Exchange,” however, their broadened horizons are reflected in their new, more simple name — The Exchange. The recently renovated space on Tejon St. (adjacent to Streetcar520), features ample seating, tall ceilings, plants galore, and a bright, colorful mural, taking up nearly the entire north wall. While they still serve amazing coffee, their new menu also includes delicious sandwiches, pastries, and craft cocktails.


7. Peak Place

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals

If there was an award for “Most Instagrammable Mural,” this one would win. While Peak Place has a few different murals, this set of colorful wings, placed against a bright red background, is almost iconic here in Colorado Springs. Patrons may travel far and wide for the Instagram photo, but they stay for the delicious coffee, acai bowls, and one of the best happy hours in town.


8. The Bench

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals

Looking for the perfect place to watch the game and grab a craft cocktail? You’re in the right place! The Bench’s owners, Tyler and Jenny Sherman (also the creators of Odyssey Gastropub), started the restaurant with both sports enthusiasts and food connoisseurs in mind and it’s definitely delivered to both audiences. Like the restaurant itself, their recent mural by Sign Gnome truly embodies all that is the active and abundant lifestyle of Colorado — a kayaker, a snowboarder, and a mountain biker, all set in front of a blue Pikes Peak and bold sunset colors.


9. Lucky Dumpling

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals
Photo Courtesy of Lucky Dumpling

If you follow the food scene, you’ve probably heard of Chef Brother Luck, winner of the Food Network show Beat Bobby Flay and a finalist on Chopped. Lucky for us (pun intended), Luck calls Colorado Springs his home and has blessed this city with several incredible spots, the newest being Lucky Dumpling. Here, you’ll find a mix of homemade, traditional Asian cuisine with an environment with strong hip hop influences — both perfectly represented in the large red and blue Bruce Lee mural on the north-facing wall of the establishment.


10. The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery

10 Colorado Springs Restaurants with Amazing Murals
Photo Courtesy of The Warehouse Restaurant and Gallery | Facebook

Restaurant, bar, event space, and gallery — is there anything The Warehouse isn’t? Chef James Africano’s menu is made up of regionally inspired cuisine (think fresh game meat and New Mexican flavors) and home cooking from around the world, all made from the freshest ingredients. Not only do they serve delicious cocktails and a mouth-watering menu, but they also show off artwork from countless local and regional artists (see the full list here).

Most noticeably, however, is the art on the outside of the building. Nearly the entire brick facade of The Warehouse is decorated by a massive mural by the artist responsible for Poor Richard’s murals, Douglas Rouse — His painted architectural columns appear to be peeling off the building with an optical illusion that keeps those passing by on their toes.


If you have extra time, be sure to check out these other spots with amazing murals:


Food and art are two areas of the makeup of Colorado Springs that are ever-evolving, and we love that these restaurants have chosen to combine the two to make for a more exciting culinary experience!

Are you interested in food and culture? Be sure to check out one of our food tours in Colorado Springs for your next night out!

Cheers! Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)



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