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Read on to discover 9 amazing places that serve ice cream in Colorado Springs!

For vegans and dairy lovers alike — Colorado Springs’ frozen dessert scene lacks nothing! We’re giving you descriptions of each location including what to order.

“Summertime and the living is easy” — except when it’s 90 degrees out and all you want is a cold, sweet treat to cool you down. Colorado Springs is full of fun ice cream shops. Soft serve, slow churned, dairy free, and rolled — there’s something for every ice cream lover!

We offer food tours in Colorado Springs and know good food! So, the next time you’re about to head out to grab a cold treat from the grocery store, check out one of these unique, local ice cream spots instead!

Here’s a list of nine exceptional ice cream shops in Colorado Springs, in no particular order:



Josh & John’s Ice Cream

329 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Josh and John’s Ice Cream in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission

What started as a dream between two college friends became one of Colorado Springs’ favorite local spots. In 1986, two Colorado College graduates, Josh and John, opened up shop in downtown Colorado Springs. Since the beginning, their ice cream has been slowly churned in turn-of-the-century rock salt and ice freezers, making their cream exceptionally creamy and full of flavor. They’ve since moved to a bigger location and opened three new locations in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. Josh and John’s Ice Cream has some incredible unique flavors alongside some creamy classics.

Try our favorite ice cream on select routes of The Original Colorado Springs Food Tour!

What to order: You really can’t go wrong, but we love the Purple Mountain Majesty (which has luscious dark chocolate raspberry truffles mixed in) in one of their homemade cinnamon waffle cones!



BJ’s Velvet Freez

1511 N. Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

BJ’s Velvet Freez is as classic as they come! They’ve been serving soft serve ice cream from a small walk-up diner since 1954. Generations have lined up to enjoy their specialities including their sundaes, hot fudge cakes, root beer floats, and dipped soft serve cones. But BJ’s doesn’t just stop with sweets. They have an array of savory items on their menu including cheeseburgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. So, step right up and keep the tradition alive!

What to order: The Peanut Delight is a must-try, which is a layered sundae filled with ice cream, fudge, and topped with peanuts and whipped cream.



Frozen Gold

80 E Moreno Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Frozen Gold Ice Cream in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission
Frozen Gold Ice Cream in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission

Frozen Gold is one of the newer kids on the block in downtown Colorado Springs, joining other fun spots on S. Tejon Street like Dos Santos, Atomic Cowboy, and Cork and Cask. They’re serving up soft serve ice cream like you’ve never had it before — using toppings like salted potato sticks, Cheetos, and Pop Rocks. Their ice cream isn’t the only thing that’s funky. The environment feels like the Jetsons had a hip and trendy baby with downtown Los Angeles. The next time you venture down Tejon Street, to grab some tacos, whiskey, or pizza, and end your evening with a tasty soft serve treat to remember.

What to order: While they have so many fun and unique flavors, we’re loving their Samoa Samoa, inspired by everyone’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie. This flavor is completely vegan, but it’s as creamy and sweet as anything you’ve ever had.



Tasty Freeze

2309 N Weber St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Tasty Freeze in Colorado Springs Banana Sundae | Used with Permission
Tasty Freeze in Colorado Springs Banana Sundae | Used with Permission

If summer was a place, it would be Tasty Freeze. Step back into the 1950s with Colorado Springs’ best kept secret. Imagine red umbrellas, a colorful neon sign lighting up the block, and the nostalgia of eating an ice cream cone before the heat melts it in your hand. Situated on the east edge of The Old North End, one of Colorado Springs’ most historic neighborhoods, Tasty Freeze feels like a well-kept secret for the downtown community. There’s no indoor seating, so summer is the primetime to make your trip for some classic soft serve, sundaes, or shakes. And if you need some more sustenance, they’ve got you covered with burgers, hotdogs, fries, and beyond.

What to order: We love a good sprinkle-dipped soft serve, but if you’re up for something a little different, try their chocolate shake mixed with coffee and Oreo crumbles.



The Ice Cream Lab

New location coming to downtown across from Acacia Park!

The Ice Cream Lab in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission
The Ice Cream Lab in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission

The Ice Cream Lab might be the most unique shop in town – and they’re getting a new downtown location! Specializing in liquid nitrogen and rolled ice cream, they definitely experiment when it comes to the classic treat we all know and love. This science themed ice cream shop serves treats completely made to order by flash freezing the cream and scooping it fresh in front of the customer. Opening up soon in downtown after calling Old Colorado City their original home, this is the perfect pit stop as you relax in Acacia Park.

What to order: Where else can you order rolled ice cream in a waffle cone taco?! Whatever you get at the Ice Cream Lab, make sure you’re ready to try something you’ve never had before! While the Ice Cream Lab is in between brick-and-mortar locations, they are still taking catering orders.



Colorado City Creamery

2602 Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Located in a small yellow ice cream parlor right in the heart of Old Colorado City, the Colorado City Creamery has been making ice cream the old fashioned way for decades. They have 32 flavors ranging from bubble gum to French Silk to Café de Leche. A stop at the creamery is a must-do after an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing along historic Colorado Avenue.

What to order: While all of their flavors make our mouths water, our favorite by far is their peppermint ice cream!



Legit Gelato Colorado

At Select Restaurants Including Stellina Pizza Cafe, JAX Fish House and Oyster Bar, and Salad or Bust (Inside Ivy Wild)

Legit Gelato Colorado in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission
Legit Gelato Colorado in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission

The mission behind starting Legit Gelato Colorado is simple: bring authentic — or, dare I say, “legit” —  Italian gelato to downtown Colorado Springs. And it was so. The handmade, small batch gelato and “sorbettos” are made from organic ingredients, are GMO-free and gluten-free, and don’t use added color. And for all you vegans or dairy sensitive folks out there, there’s always a vegan option available. All-in-all, they’re the real deal. While Legit Gelato doesn’t yet have a storefront location, Stellina Pizza Cafe, JAX Fish House and Oyster Bar, and Salad or Bust are said to serve up their gelato goodness.

What to order: There’s nothing better on a hot day than their lemon gelato, which is made from fresh lemons.



Javalato Gelato & Cafe

9697 Prominent Point St. 156, Colorado Springs, CO 80924

Javalato Gelato & Cafe in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission<
Javalato Gelato & Cafe in Colorado Springs | Used with Permission

Javalato Gelato & Cafe serves up gourmet gelatos and sorbets on the north side of Colorado Springs. Not only do they offer delicious gelato, but their menu also includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, and specialty coffee drinks. Their ingredients are completely pure — the vibrant colors of their gelatos come solely from plant and vegetable extracts, and all of their flavors come from real fruits and nuts. This is truly  a “guilt-free dessert.”

What to order: We love interesting flavors, so we have our eye on the peach basil sorbet!



Rizuto’s Ice Cream

4785 Barnes Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Rizuto’s Ice Cream is a popular neighborhood shop known for serving our favorite summertime sweet treat at an affordable price. This family-owned business prides themselves on serving “the largest handmade scoops,” usually to bright-eyed children. Their goal is to put a smile on everyone’s face, and they accomplish that with their amazing array of ice cream flavors, monster shakes, and cotton candy.

What to order: With so many sweets and treats to choose from, we are partial to the Italian Gelato, which they make using their own secret recipe.



The Paleta Bar

514 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (inside CO.A.T.I.)

The Paleta Bar in Colorado Springs | Photo by Rocky Mountain Food Tours | May not use without permission
The Paleta Bar in Colorado Springs | Photo by Rocky Mountain Food Tours | May not use without permission

Don’t know what a paleta is? If not, you’ve definitely been missing out! Paleta is Spanish for “ice pop,” and they come in a variety of flavors. The Paleta Bar, which is inside CO.A.T.I. food hall, makes these upscale popsicles everyday from either a fruit or sweet cream base. Once you’ve selected your flavor – which could be flavors like mango, almond, or pistachio – you can then customize your treat to suit your tastebuds. Add candy or nut toppings, fresh fruit pieces, or have your paleta dipped in chocolate or chili powder.

What to order: Feeling adventurous? Try a strawberry paleta dipped in white chocolate and then sprinkled with chili powder!



Whether you’re the more traditional type or want something a little more global and experimental, grab your ice cream, sit back, and enjoy the sunshine!

Cheers! Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)



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