Foodie Inspired New Year's Resolutions for 2016 - Rocky Mountain Food Tours

New Year’s resolutions for the foodie fanatic in us all!

As we ring in 2016, we invite you to make these food-focused New Year’s resolutions with us!


  • We resolve to dine local and support the entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corner cafes among us. We will do this because we believe our dollars are votes of confidence with which we can positively influence our local economy.
  • We resolve to take opportunities to travel for food, even if it’s to the next city over, in order to explore different cuisines.We will do this because the world is a big place with lots of flavors, and we want to try them all!
  • We resolve to eat healthy, not to fully deprive ourselves of what we love, but to partake of everything in moderation. We will do this because we care about ourselves and want to live life fully with those around us.
  • We resolve to give food to people who do not have the means to feed themselves. We will do this because we believe that no one should be hungry, and we take personal responsibility in helping in whatever way we can.
  • We resolve to try new foods and to expand our palates and experiences. We will do this because we value opportunities to be brave and extend outside of our comfort zones.
  • We resolve to give food a second chance and not to banish any particular food forever. We will do this because our tastes change over time.
  • We resolve to become foodie experts; whether it’s with wine, cheese, chocolate, or all of the above! We will do this because knowledge is powerful, and we desire to continually learn.


Join us on one of our gourmet food tours and fulfill your food-focused New Year's resolutions!


As this year comes to a close, we’d like to give a special shout out to all those foodies who joined us on a gourmet food tour in 2015. Our hope is that you enjoyed exploring our local cuisine and expanding your palates as much as we did! Thank you for loving food with us – we know we’re in good company.


Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

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