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We discovered some amazing new artisan treats at the Pikes Peak Market right in Downtown Colorado Springs!

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

The artisan food scene in Colorado Springs just got a mega boost with the recent opening of Pikes Peak Market in downtown. Debuting on November 1, 2017 just in the time for the holidays, this rustic space located at 9 S. Weber Street currently features several unique artisan vendors with room to grow.

The permanent indoor marketplace gives these vendors an opportunity to sell their goods throughout the year while no longer being relegated to summertime farmers’ markets. It also means that foodies like us can experience tons of amazing new products and get to know the visionaries behind them.

If you have an hour, peruse the stalls at the market for a delicious afternoon. It feels good to support local small businesses!

Below is a list of our favorite things that can only be found at the market.


Bonbon Bombardier

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

A bit of a tongue twister, co-owner Sean Price pronounced the name of this modern new chocolatier and confectioner with a swift French accent. After complimenting their geometric pastel logo, he told us that he designed it himself. Neither a kids’ candy store nor a stuffy and sophisticated chocolatier, Bonbon Bombardier finds a middle ground where modern sugar addicts, vegans, and cultural adventurers feel comfortable. Sean expressed how he and his co-owner (and wife), Jenny Bazzetta, found influence for some of their candies through their time in Japan.

Favorite Things: Miso-Apple Caramels, which are oh-so-creamy with a light apple honey flavor; and the Panforte di Colorado, a dense Italian “cake” made with walnuts, almonds, figs, spices…and the kicker…Pueblo Green Chiles.


The Cheese People

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

Colorado natives Bleys and Lynn Kueck have a taste for great cheese, as do we! After spending time as cheesemongers in Chicago, the two found themselves back home in Colorado Springs missing one thing in particular: easy access to the cheeses they grew to love back east. They quickly got to work opening The Cheese People of Colorado Springs in 2012 and have been growing ever since. Turns out we’re not the only ones who have an infatuation with gouda, aged parmesan, asiago, and so many others!

Favorite Things: 8 Year Aged Cheddar, a tangy classic that doesn’t disappoint; and the Espresso Bellavitano, a sweet creamy cheese hand-rubbed with freshly roasted espresso beans, perfect for dessert!


Crown Cakes

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

We’re convinced that mini Bundt cakes were invented to allow us the satisfaction of eating an entire cake while avoiding the guilt that comes with, well, eating a whole cake! Crown Cakes serves up these not-so-guilty pleasures in a variety of flavors. Purest can opt for single flavor cakes like lemon and chocolate while the more daring can try flavor + herb combinations like apple tarragon and key lime ginger. Owner Victoria tells us that she also makes meat pies and other baked goods, all gluten free and available at the market.

Favorite Things: Coffee Cardamom Cake, a best seller, which has a warm and cozy flavor and is topped with a swirls of frosting and chocolate covered coffee beans; and the Triple C Brownie, a combustion of flavor with cherries, chilies, and of course, chocolate.



Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

What started as a desire for healthy living soon became a passion for Holly and Michael Sucharski, owners of CocoPrana. As they began creating their delicious coconut-based superfoods (as they call them), they soon realized they had something special to offer the city of Colorado Springs. Not only are their coconut butters good for you but they taste great, too! With both savory and sweet flavors, you can use them as replacements for milk and butter or add a little boost to just about any meal.

Favorite Things: Vanilla Coconut Butter, made with Tahitian vanilla bean, great in your morning coffee; and the Chocolate Coconut Bark, dehydrated (not baked) to keep its nutrients, this bark is perfect for snacking or adding to pretty much anything to make a delicious sweet treat!



Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

When kombucha addict Rich could no longer find his beloved grape kombucha at his local grocery store, he did what any true foodie would do. He brewed his own. It took a couple of years for Rich to concoct the perfect recipe, but now he’s honed his craft and is taking it to the world. Kombucha, a fermented effervescent drink, is known for its probiotic benefits.

Favorite Things: Templeton Grape, a sparkling drink of grape and ginger which pays homage to Rich’s first love; and Grapefruit Basil, a refreshing citrus brew with an herbaceous quality.


The Pickle Lady

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

Around the market Shannon Rolf is known as “The Pickle Lady,” specializing in pickles of course! With a knack for cucumber creations, Shannon has an array of products to enjoy. Choose from her selection of jarred pickles or try some of her more unique products like Pickle Soup, Cranberry Salsa, or one of her many homemade jams. Cucumbers are full of health benefits as they are known to prevent headaches and even help fight cancer!

Favorite Things: Frozen Cucumber Salad, a crunchy refreshing salad made with cucumbers, onion, peppers, celery, carrots and a slew of secret spices; and the Spicy Dill Pickles, traditional dill pickles that pack a punch.


Azteca Gourmet

Our Favorite Things From the New Pikes Peak Market

How long does it take to make great tamales? Three days, if you’re Azteca Gourmet! This colorful booth features authentic Oaxacan cuisine (Southern Mexico) using fresh local ingredients. While talking to owner Lorena, we learned that Oaxacan tamales are distinguished by their square shape and banana leaf wrap (instead of cornhusks). In addition to vegan, vegetarian, and meat savory tamales, they also serve mouthwatering dessert tamales like “blueberry basil” and “pina colada.”

Favorite Things: Coloradito Mole Tamale, made with Ancho Chiles, sesame seeds, almonds, chocolate, cinnamon, and shredded beef; and Apple Jicama Salsa, a sweet and tangy mix of crisp jicama, green apples, cucumber, and chayote.


In addition to these awesome artisan vendors, a little birdie told us that Colorado Crepe Company, LLC will also be setting up a booth at the Pikes Peak Market very soon! We can’t wait to sink our teeth into their Crunchy Peanut Butter & Honey dessert crepe topped with a big ‘ol dollop of homemade whipped bream.

Head to the new Pikes Peak Market to try our favorites and to discover your own!

Cheers, Your Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

(So, what’s a food tour, anyway…?)


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